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Sram Groupsets

Sram Groupsets

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Sram Groupsets

Sram Apex Groupset 2014

Sram Apex is the latest road componentry groupset from Sram that borrows technologies from Srams Tour de France conquering Red gruppo, including DoubleTap, Reach Adjust for custom lever fit, Exact Actuation for consistent and precise shifts, and Zero Loss shifting for immediate shift engagement.

Our price: 326.40 326.40 326.40 326.40 326.40 326.40 326.40 326.40
including VAT 20% ( 54.40 )
Sram Force 22 Groupset

However you define yourself as a rider, SRAM Force 22 is ready to help you achieve your personal best, offering no compromise of quality, function and features. We have completely redesigned SRAM Force and loaded it with all of the key innovations of SRAM RED, with no apologies for its fleet looks, ergonomics, efficiency, and lightweight design. Apart from the complete overhaul, SRAM Force also provides you twenty-two usable gears, shifting speed and precision that can only be matched by SRAM RED, and a new sleek finish. The understated SRAM Force gruppo is for rational people with an irrational passion for performance. It is our most exciting introduction for 2013, and we designed it to be everything any rider at any level would ever require.

Our price: 651.60 651.60 651.60 651.60 651.60 651.60 651.60 651.60
including VAT 20% ( 108.60 )
Sram Force Groupset 2012
The FORCE groupset brought DoubleTap to the world first. Evolutionary improvements mean its focus on professionals who value innovation and thrive at the far end of the cycling spectrum is unwavering. Key Features: Lighter than Shimano Dura Ace and costing around half the price this groupset really is as good as it looks. SRAM have upped their game, bringing in design cues from the top level RED groupset the FORCE performs brilliantly under all conditions and looks great.

Our price: 738.00 738.00 738.00 738.00 738.00 738.00 738.00 738.00
including VAT 20% ( 123.00 )
Sram Red 22 Groupset
When sram re-introduced SRAM RED in 2012 there was simply nothing more they could add to make it better. SRAM RED was all new, redesigned throughout, with innovations they've spent the past year touting and thier athletes proving. It was loaded with features and benefits that matched the needs of professionals: fast, light, aerodynamic, ergonomic, near-silent, and, of course, trim-less, with ground breaking Yaw technology. Adding two more gears to that combination was arguably the only improvement required. The added benefit is that now, without adding weight, Sram maintain a system that shifts incredibly fast upfront, and with the best and smoothest gear transitions in back. And, for the first time available anywhere, the system gives you twenty-two gears. No compromise and no trim, what Sram are calling True 22, in any gear combination. Welcome to SRAM RED 22.

Our price: 1134.00 1134.00 1134.00 1134.00 1134.00 1134.00 1134.00 1134.00
including VAT 20% ( 189.00 )
Sram Rival Groupset 2014

Sram launched Rival, along with Force in 2006, for 2010 both are re-launched with several added features and technology upgrades. Obviously the polished black anodised finish of the new Sram Rival sets it apart but thats only the beggining. Borrowing from Sram's professional level Red group, Sram Rival now features a sleek carbon brake lever, Zero Loss shifting, multiple cable routing options and reach adjust for both shift and brake levers.

Our price: 400.13 400.13 400.13 400.13 400.13 400.13 400.13 400.13
including VAT 20% ( 66.69 )

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